The philosophy behind the Tech Angel program is to challenge how both students and teachers learn ICT and provide them with the skills, knowledge and ability to continue the transition of knowledge from year to year.

One of our goals is to give teachers the tools to improve the way in which they use ICT in the classroom environment. We passionately believe that the more familiar educators are with the digital environment in which young people live, the better equipped they will be to teach, understand, influence and inspire their students.



The Tech Angels began in 2002 as a small, highly skilled group of Year Thirteen girls who monitored the computer labs at Wellington Girls’ College during their lunchtimes. They assisted other students with any problems they encountered, from choosing a printer to send a document to, to using the scanner or even sending an email.


At this stage, the potentional for a technology-based mentoring system in the school was huge. So under the leadership of former Wellington Girls' College ICT Project Manager Raewyn Baldwin-Denton and Head Tech Angel of 2003 Cherrie Kong, the Tech Angels became an integral part of the school community, by focusing the group on the specific task of staff mentoring. The concept of students educating teachers in Information Technology for its eventual use in the classroom was revolutionary for New Zealand educators, and as a result, the Tech Angels became nationally recognised for their innovative work.

In the same year the group was expanded with the development of the “junior” Tech Angels; girls below Year Thirteen who wished to become involved in the program. These girls began to focus on their web development skills – resulting in a second place team win in the Nzoom Web competition, with a website about black holes. The Junior Tech Angels also represented the Tech Angels at various conferences throughout the year, acting as a camera crew for the Children’s Commission conference and for CWA New Media in the development of the Creatively Wellington Website.

In 2004 with Head Tech Angel Charlotte Basher, the Tech Angels continued to grow, with the group being nominated for a community service award. The same year, the Tech Angels attended the TUANZ conference and also participated in the Transit of Venus web competition.

The following year, a new ICT Project Manager was brought on board, Matt Mansell. Current Tech Angels Jenny Choi and Isabella Doak made headlines once again as they gained first place in the Childnet Academy web competition, winning them both a fully paid trip to Jamaica.


This year, Rosie Somerville and Xanthe Smit head the Tech Angels. In 2009 the structure of the Tech Angels program has grown and developed into being entirely student run, with a leadership team of 7 year 12 and 13 students and another 20 students from other year groups participating. The Junior Tech angels are trained by a group of Year 13 students who have volunteered to help teach the younger students. Guidance and support to the Tech Angel program is provided by Anne Coster, and Alex Brereton