What are Tech Angels?

Tech Angels are students belonging to a group which is dedicated to assisting and educating staff and students in ICT.

Who can be a Tech Angel?

Anyone can be a Tech Angel, whether they have the skills or not, at anytime of the year as long as they belong to Wellington Girls’ College.

What do the Tech Angels do?

We further our own skills through peer tutoring and professional courses as well as teaching others within the school community in areas that they would like to improve with regards to technology.

Why be a Tech Angel?

One of the most valuable assets in a person's life is their education.  Being part of the Tech Angel program gives students a chance to extend their education into another area - technology. Being part of the Tech Angels not only develops skills in Information Technology, but also allows education to become more fun through the use of technology. Being able to give something back to your school community through the mentoring of staff and students is also a great reason for becoming a Tech Angel - accept the light and pass it on!

What’s the best way to contact a Tech Angel?

If you have any queries feel free to contact Rosie Somerville, Xanthe Smit, Georgie Gallagher, Alex Brereton or Anne Coster.  Their contact details are available under the Contact us link.