The Wellington Girls' College motto of "Lumen accipe et imperti" - accept the light and hand it on - has always been a main focus of the program through the teacher mentoring system. In 2006 this expanded into student mentoring and has continued to date.


In 2006 we set up a new division in Tech Angels – a student mentoring programme. To continue the growth of tech angels, we encourage participation amongst junior students. It has proved to be very successful, with a group of keen juniors turning up regularly each week to receive training. Areas in which juniors are trained include Adobe software [Photoshop, Illustrator, flash animation and Dreamweaver]. There are opportunities for professional training at Natcoll when students show particular interest.


Staff mentoring is an area that we continually try to develop. Year 13 students are assigned a teacher whom they mentor throughout the course of the year. We also run staff seminars in basic office programs and blogging through to more advanced software, such as InDesign.